Here’s Everything #weknow About Packing For A Trip To London

London. The city of a thousand cities; so diverse and exciting it’s no wonder it’s dubbed as the city that never sleeps. Whether you visit London for work, or for pleasure it is bound to bring you a new experience every time. This city is alive with such a medley of things to arouse every sense: the people, the sounds, the colours, the smells. Food so diverse you can taste something from every city, right here. London is stimulating, it’s inspiring and its absolutely our favourite place. As Sameuel Johnson put it: “when a man is tired of London he is tired of life”.

Before you set out to embark on your adventures, it’s important to think about what you’re going to pack. We all know London’s weather is… as diverse as its food you might say! One minute it can be warm and sunny and the next you’re hit with thunderstorms, definitely exciting if you’ve packed properly! To make sure you don’t get caught out, we’ve got some advise for you on what to bring for your London stay.

A waterproof: Come Summer, Winter, Autumn or Spring, always carry a small waterproof with you. There’s some great ones you can get that size down into a little bag, so you’re not stuck carrying around a big anorak your whole trip.

An umbrella: No matter the time of year, it’s always wise to bring a compact umbrella with you that you can ft into your bag, just incase. Us Londoner’s always carry one with us, and you can usually pick one up at the airport or around town.

Sunnies: In Summer, England is glorious with blue skies and sun. Although we get a lot of rain throughout the year, when the Winter sun comes out it sits low in the sky and can be very bright, so make sure to remember sunglasses whenever you’re planning to visit.

Hats, scarves, socks and gloves: In Winter, English temperatures can drop to around 1C or lower. The frosty scenes are iconic of London and are a picturesque aspect of the country. But cold hands, ears and toes are not fun, so remember to pack warm clothes so you can really enjoy our Winters.

Good shoes: a pair of shoes can either make or break a vacation, comfortable shoes are a must. London is vast, but it’s easy to get from one side to another in a day and there will be a lot of walking involved. A pair of good trainers is perfect for exploring the city.

Nights out: London is famous for its exclusive nightlife, but many clubs and bars have dress-codes. Some are casual and allow for t-shirts, jeans and trainers but most are a little more strict and often won’t let you in if you don’t ft the dress code. Do a little research about where you want to go, but as a general guide: for guys, we recommend bringing a button down shirt, smart pair of jeans and some dress shoes. For girls, a dressy top, smart jeans or a dress with more formal shoes or heels. Remember to bring a jumper and/or coat in all months as it gets a bit chilly at night, as well as a bag that’s easy to keep on you – we love bum bags or little handbags!

Toiletries: try to be savvy and think like a minimalist. Most accommodation provide shampoo and conditioner. Everything you’ll need is easy things to pick up from drug stores or pharmacies in London, saves you bringing them all the way here!

Pack your tech: If you’re coming from abroad you should carry a power adapter so you can charge your electronics. It’s also a great idea to bring an extension cable, although they’re large, they can really come in handy when you’re staying in accommodation with limited plug sockets and so many things to charge! Don’t get caught weighing up which you need more: your camera or your phone! We recommend carrying a GPS device – a phone is perfect, so you can explore the city without ever worrying about getting lost. Traveler’s Wifi is a great little device to make sure you’re never caught without data – unlimited wifi on the go! You can read more about it here.

Water bottle: Tap water across the UK is safe to drink, so there’s no need to spend money on bottled water (save money and plastic!). Bring a reusable water bottle so you can fll it in the multiple sinks and water fountains across the city.

Extras: You’re unlikely to need a towel unless you are staying in particularly budgeted accommodation, but check before you travel incase you need to bring one. A backpack is also really handy for exploring London. Side bags can get heavy and even hurt your posture when you are carrying them around all day, so think smart and bring a big enough backpack to carry all your cameras, and memorabilia.

So that’s it! Our list of what to pack for your trip to London. We’re looking forward to sharing our incredible culture, yummy delicacies and picturesque city with you. If you need any further advice, talk to us, WeKnow London.